Skincare to Reduce Acne, Slow Aging, Stop Spots & More

First Look SkinWhy get in line when there’s TNS Line Refine by SkinMedica? Light diffusers soften skin’s appearance while tripeptides work to inhibit facial muscle contractions and plump skin, reducing the appearance of fine wrinkles.

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Get Ready, Set, Scrub! and help your Gen-Y clients win the top complexion award…at last. The latest product in the Dermalogica Clean Start line for teens, the masque/scrub combo incorporates silica granules to slough away dead skin cells and purifying clays to remove excess oil.

Your clients will be camera-ready in no time with Joey New York Unveiled Glossé, a lightweight complexion gloss that puts a lustrous finish within easy reach of all clients, no matter whether their skin is devoid of lubrication or drenched in natural oils.

Don’t accept aging skin’s spotty performance! Gerda Spillmann Swiss Skin Care Age Spot Reducer helps prevent and reduce pesky hyperpigmentation by inhibiting the production of melanin. Bonus! Swiss edelweiss acts as a natural antioxidant to neutralize marauding free radicals.

Make her peepers really pop with UMO Gamma PGA Eye Mask, which firms and brightens the delicate eye area. Soybean-derived Gamma PGA gently hydrates and improves elasticity to plump telltale aging around the eyes. Want more? Also available are UMO Facial Mask and UMO Lip Mask.

Move aside, Robert Smith—there’s a new Cures in town! Avancé Cures Blemish Serum contains antibacterial tea tree oil to prevent breakouts, juniper oil to increase bloodflow and lemon oil to tone skin.

She’s overdrawn her skin’s natural balance and now it’s in the red; time to make a Mineral Deposit and replenish her skin’s wellness! Intelligent Skin Sense’s latest serum employs zinc and copper minerals to calm skin plagued by hormonal imbalances and rosacea, while AHAs brighten even the dullest dermis.

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