Quick Summer Hair Fixes from the Experts at Sally Hershberger

Summer humidity can ruin any and every possible style!  Sally Hershberger's expert stylists offer their advice to get you through warmer days.

Guy Riggo of Sally Hershberger Los Angeles recommends asking your stylist for extra face framing. With a few extra cute, short pieces around the face, hair can easily be worn up, leaving your neck and body cooler, while still looking fashionable for the summer.  
He also suggests the below product recommendations:
•    Sally Hershberger’s Hyper Hydration Super for thick hair to easily tame the wild hair beast.
•    Sally Hershberger’s Keratin Fix works great on parched hair.
        o    After applying these leave-in products, use a basic elastic hair band to slick back hair into a ponytail, for a sleek, sexy look.
        o    Use bobby pins the color of your hair. Individual hairpins allow for you to select how much hair you want up, as you go through the day – without pulling it all up at once.

Paul Perez of Sally Hershberger Los Angeles suggests the below:
•    His favorite product for all hair types – Sally Hershberger’s Mineral Spray to turn your hair into something worth showing off.
•    Sally Hershberger’s Smooth Fix will add shine and take your hair up a notch, especially after a long, hot summer day.
        o    With these two products, spray and scrunch… spray and scrunch. Each time you should build body and texture. You can also take a blow dryer and fluff up your hair before adding more products. These two have worked for many of my clients, and I know they will work for you!


[Image: iStockphoto/Thinkstock]

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