Tech Tips from Patrick McIvor: Following Video Posts on YouTube

Want to follow video postings of your favorite educators on YouTube? Patrick McIvor, artistic director for Matrix, and specialist in social media and new experiential educational formats, suggests signing up for email verifications on subscribed channels.

“There is so much great content on the web now, but you have to find ways to navigate and organize it. I have a YouTube channel where I post videos on a regular basis, so I always tell subscribers to sign up for email verifications. That way, every time I post a video, they get alerted via email,” explains McIvor.

How to Sign Up for Email Verification on YouTube:

·While logged in to your channel, click on your account name at the top right corner of the YouTube page and select “Subscriptions”

·Click on the channel from the left side column

·At the top of the page at the right of their username, hover your mouse over the “Subscribed” button and select the option that says “Also email me for each new upload”

Also, going to “Subscription Manager”, and hovering over the green "Subscribed" button will show different options for managing that Subscription, which includes email notifications.

Patrick McIvor is owner of patrick mcivor color studio (Bethlehem) and a top educator for Matrix specializing in social media and new experiential educational formats.  McIvor teaches how to communicate with progressive media to build business, and how to leverage new technology to connect with community.  He outlines the equipment and systems needed to capitalize on social media to attract viable customers. 


[Image courtesy of Glow Communications]

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