NYFW Fall 2013 Hairstyles: Mercedes Benz

Doreen Guarneri, co-creator and artistic director for American Culture and co-owner of The Look Spa Salon, led the hair team for the CH Carolina 2013 spring collection runway-to-retail show, a private American Express card-holder only event in collaboration with Harper’s Bazaar and Mercedes Benz Fashion week. Held on February 14th at Lincoln Center, it was the ultimate Valentine’s gift for the die-hard fashionista!

Doreen took her inspiration from the wardrobe of 50 looks from the spring women’s and men’s collection which included a myriad of styles ranging from crisp, shirt dresses in black and white, satiny solid dresses and a plentitude of spring looks in strong stripes and colors ranging from soft dove grays to vivid reds, pinks and greens. 

The runway models wore their tresses in relaxed waves drawn away from the face with no complication. 

Recreate the look:

STEP 1: Create a clean part wherever the natural part falls.

STEP 2: Section the hair from the top of the crown to the ear on both sides and clip it out of the way.

STEP 3: Take all the hair, pick it up and giving it a light spray with pure NV BKT Humidity Defense Styling Spray (aerosol).

STEP 4: Using approximately 3 large sections in the back, using a 1 l/2” – 2” barrel iron, vertically curl each section with the least amount of curl, creating a wave movement in the hair.  Do not pin. Let cool.   

STEP 5: Take each side panel, backcomb slightly, pinning it directly behind the ear, hiding the section under the hair that you just curled.  Lightly spray with pure NV BKT Humidity Defense Styling spray (aerosol) to hold the look in place.

STEP 6: Finish with a light spray of pure NV BKT Ker-Argan shine spray.

[Photos courtesy of American Culture]

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