Runway Report: Missoni at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2013

The hair look at the Missoni AW ’13 show in Milan, provided a lesson in physics. Eugene Souleiman, Global Creative Director of Wella Professionals, literally ‘built’ the hair style in the same way you would approach solving a mathematical dilemma.

“I wanted to create a hair look that was completely multi-dimensional, that appeared very different according to perspective and where the dynamic was brought to life with movement” said Eugene.

Eugene created a series of sectioned ponytails that were ‘stacked’ upon each other to create a thinner profile which gave an aerodynamic appearance. 

The profile from the front of the head was small and tight with a degree of shine, this transformed towards the back of the head to a contrasting textured, raw effect.

However, it was when the girls walked on the catwalk that the genius of this look was revealed, as soft pieces of hair from the sides of the head morphed with the textured ponytail to create a streamlined, sporty, minimal look that seemed to have a life force of its own.

Get the Look:
-Start with clean freshly washed and conditioned hair, using Wella Professionals Enrich Shampoo and Conditioner, to ensure hair is in perfect condition

-Spray hair with Wella Professionals Perfect Setting Blow Dry lotion and dry with a flat brush keeping the hair flat and smooth

-Spray hair with Wella Professional Ocean Spritz Beach Texture Spray, and run through with straightening irons

-To create a stacked pony tail, clip hair away on the top of the head and take a section of hair nearest to the nape (around 15cm) and bring hair together with a soft bristle brush and tie in to a ponytail with a long piece of elastic

-Repeat this process working up through the head and tying each ponytail on top of the other

-When you get to the first of the final four pony tails, take a palm full of Wella Professionals Extra Volume Mousse and press it in to the roots of the hair, before tying in to the ponytail – don’t brush the mousse section as this needs to have texture

-On the final section of hair – do not attach to the ponytail, apply the mousse then take the straightening irons and run through the end of the hair section and let it fall on top of the stacked ponytail

-Ensure that there are some wispy pieces to the sides of the head and again run the straightening irons through these to give direction towards the back of the head

-Finally, spray Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz Beach Texture Spray in to the ponytail, blast with the hairdryer then finish with the straightening irons to create a dry textured finish

-Spray the front of the hair with Wella Professionals Stay Essential Finishing Spray to set the look

[Images courtesy of Wella Professional]

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