Privé salon stylists share their favorite hair styling product combos

"Stylists like to come up with a mixture of products that they can use," says celebrity stylist Laurent Dufourg. "In France it's called melange but in the states we call them hair potions." Below Privé Salon stylists from New York, Miami and Los Angeles share their secret melange Privé Products:
For Added Hydration:
Gaetano Romeo: Combine equal parts Concept Vert Volumizing Froth with Leave-in Treatment to keep hair soft and with plenty of memory and hydration. Comfrey soothes and softens hair, leaving a silky shine while Kelp revitalizes and nourishes.
For Volume and Texture:
Aaron Grenia: Apply a melange of Convept Vert Volumizing Froth with a dime size amount of Privé Relaxing Gel to damp hair and blowdry with hands and a small round brush. Witch Hazel smoothes and softens frizz while the Amazon acai helps increase volume and adds texture.
For Short Hair:
Nicole Hartmann: The perfect potion for shorter hair is equal parts Privé Extended Texture Clay and Sculpting Pomade. Orchid rejuvenates dry, damaged hair while shea butter helps lock in moisture and provides hold.
For Frizzy Hair:
Franck Izquierdo: Humidity is a big problem in Miami; to combat that combine Privé Curl Activating Creme and Relaxing Gel and apply on wet hair. Evening Primrose Oil hydrates hair and activates curl for increased wave definition while Cranesbill rejuvenates dull hair to prevent frizzing.
For Sleek Hair:
Pepper Pastor: To create a sleek updo, melange Privé Styling Gel and Concept Vert Volumizing Froth and apply it on layers of damp hair. Lemongrass acts as a toner to promote healthy, shiny hair while the froth gives any hair style hold.
For Curly Hair:
Rachael Coppola: Combine equal parts of Privé Foaming Styler with Curl Activating Creme for a potion that works wonders on curly hair. Oak Bark helps control curls while Cranesbill rejuvenates dull hair to prevent frizzing.
For Men:
Chase Kusero: For style and shine, combine one part Privé Detailing Pomade to two parts Shine Serum to wet hair. Towel dry and comb thru with fingers. Jojoba and Safflower provides soothing benefits for overall healthy appearance of hair while still giving hair hold.


[Image: Thinkstock: BananaStock]

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