Color Lab: Beat It

Color LabBrand-new shades from Goldwell, a mini-tech from Pivot Point International and more

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Beat It

The Assistant Color Mixer is a revolution in hair color mixing. Cut mixing time from two minutes to 20 seconds, save energy and help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. The unit comes with four interchangeable attachments.

Brownie Points

As fashion becomes more and more individualized, the ability to customize hair color becomes critical. To help you lead this trend, Goldwell has added three captivating cool brown shades to both the Topchic and Colorance palettes. Available in both cans and tubes, they can be used alone or mixed to create up to nine new shades. To help you start a dialog with your clients, Goldwell has created a streak card showing the nine new end results as well as step-by-step technique cards.


Asymmetry is used to the utmost advantage in Pivot Point International’s mini-tech, Pearl, from Design Forum 277, Phenomena. The design is subtle without relinquishing any of its impact. Soft, feathery textures harmonize contrasting lines without diminishing the strength of the overall shape. Meanwhile, pink tones add a whimsical touch that’s unexpected in a delicate, very feminine way. For more information on achieving this look, call 847.866.0500.

Kinder, Gentler Color

Color By Robert Craig is gentle, permanent hair color developed by one of the top colorists in the country. The water-activated line contains no peroxide, ammonia, alcohol, perfume or resorcinol. The innovative technology is so highly effective that color will not wash or fade away, yet it’s gentle enough so it won’t damage the structure of the hair.

Stop Fade Away

Hempz Color Preserve Shampoo and Conditioner protect the depth, radiance and texture of color-treated hair. Both products are enriched with hemp seed oil and extract, a rich source of essential amino acids and nutrients vital to keratin formation, the principal protein responsible for the structural integrity of hair. The sulfate-free shampoo gently cleanses hair, while the lightweight conditioner helps moisturize and repair hair.

The Sweet ‘n Low Down

This may sound like an urban legend, but colorists swear it works to keep hair color from burning the scalp. The next time you’re mixing up a batch of color for a client whose scalp is sensitive, just add a packet of Sweet ’N Low. “I don’t know why it works but it does,” says Tats, a colorist at Steam in Beverly Hills. Still, Tats cautions against using, say Equal, instead. “It doesn’t work,” he says.

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