Celebrity Hair Styles: Oprah Debuts Natural Hair

Oprah’s stylist Andre Walker reveals how to get Oprah's September O, The Oprah Magazine cover hairstyle look.

Oprah has been the cover girl of countless magazines; however, there is one thing that separates her most recent cover from all of the rest. In the September issue of her own magazine, O, The Oprah Magazine, she decided to leave her hair completely natural. Oprah’s longtime hair stylist, Andre Walker, highlights how to get Oprah’s hairstyle look, which can be achieved with either relaxed or natural hair.

“Oprah’s hair is so beautiful, it was an easy choice to try and change it up by going natural,” says Walker.  “We have done so many covers with so many hairstyles, I feel like this was a long time coming. She looks great and achieving this look is so simple.”

Andre breaks down the steps:

Step One: Start by shampooing and then conditioning the hair with a protein rich conditioner such as Andre Walker’s Total Keratin Obsession (TKO) Deep Conditioning Treatment but only rinse half of the conditioner out.

Step Two: Towel dry the hair, and follow by adding a generous amount of nourishing oil such as Andre Walker Q Oil, then comb through.

Step Three: Cornrow or braid medium sections of the hair securely, and let it air dry. Once completely dry, unbraid and style hair using your fingertips. “It is important not to use a comb or brush to style the hair because this will cause frizzing,” explains Walker.

Step Four: Add more oil if needed, and the look is complete!

[Image courtesy of Fox Greenberg Public Relations]

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