Paul Mitchell Unveils Curls Line at Gathering

Mitch dancers take the crowd by storm during the opening day of Paul Mitchell's Gathering


Las Vegas's Aria Hotel got hotter than usual thanks to the nearly 4,000 stylists and beauty enthusiasts who attended the annual Paul Mitchell Gathering July 15 to 17, 2012. The theme of this year's educational extravaganza was I'MPOSSIBLE - because you are possible when you have the right education and inspiration.

Launchpad was treated to a special sneak preview of the new Curls line and encouraged to broadcast our curl secrets in special confession booths and on Twitter at #curlconfession during the Truth About Curls cocktail hour. (And trust me, after a few sips of the Patron-inspired Curl-ritas, I would have confessed to nearly anything! Click here for the recipes!)


Paul Mitchell's message = I'mPossible

Check out the photos of the event, and be sure to read the September issue of Launchpad for the entire recap!

John Paul DeJoria takes the stage.


A carousel of Curls.


Global Artistic Director Robert Cromeans clips a blonde bombshell.


Takashi, sporting curls, finishes a model.

A parade of blondes.

MITCH men heat up the house.


Athletes and artistic directors share the MITCH stage.


A colorful attendee gets her color on at one of the Gathering's 17 educational courses.


Launchpad editor Amy Dodds and associate publisher Danielle Timsit gleefully pose with Paul Mitchell-sponsored athletes.


Stephanie Kocielski discusses how she's possible.



Robert Cromeans as Charlie Chaplain during the Closing Ceremonies.

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