Privé Products Conduction Class

May 15–16 two-time winner of the Global Salon Awards for Entrepreneurial Excellence and Entrepreneurial Leadership, Camala Andersson-Casco, will share her experience of coaching for over 15 years the team at Changes Salon and Day Spa, Center for Well Being.  For a fee of $650 per registration you will benefit (whether you are a salon owner, manager or stylist) from Camala’s knowledge of 30+ years as a salon industry consultant, coach and trainer.  Your two-day session at The Hilton in Los Angeles/Universal Universal City California will encompass an introduction to integral business development, how to put the pieces together, and build strength based leadership.  It also involves mastering the rules of engagement, creating a vision inspired salon, and attracting, engaging and retaining top talent.  Camala will show you the 7 key steps to extraordinary customer service, how to engage the customer and to increase your bottom line. This also includes secrets to successful salon promotions, and the benefit of partnering with Privé to radically increase retail sales and entrepreneurial leadership.  There is a 25% discount for Privé Exclusive Diamond Salons and you can register online at

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