Drama Queens

Drama QueensCampy? Maybe. Creative? Definitely. On the grand stage of beauty, the standout coiffure roles go to hairdos shrouded in high theatrics.

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Admit it—you’re a drama queen. No, you don’t throw a tantrum when the maître d seats you near the restroom, and you certainly don’t storm off when your favorite club treats you as an MIP (Marginally Important Person). But you do seek high drama every once in a while when drawing inspiration for your hair creations. Luckily for you, this season finds plenty of offbeat coifs storming the runways, with styles so unconventional that you can’t help but be drawn to their kookiness.

Waxing nostalgic at Alexander McQueen, stylist Eugene Souleiman gave the Brontë sisters a run for their money with frizzed-out poofs and delightfully twisted and powdered side buns that encircled models’ ears. Souleiman also crafted the postmodern, asymmetrical ’dos seen stealing the show at Yohji Yamamoto.

At John Galliano’s often boisterous showings, one expects equally offbeat hair, and stylist Orlando Pita delivered by masterminding a hair bonnet: Pita frizzed hair and bunched it in two off-kilter pom-poms at the crown while tying the remaining hair in a messy knot around the neck. Little Bo Peep, she’s not. Galliano requested Pita’s talents at the Christian Dior show as well, where Pita artfully tucked strands into an  avant-garde helmet shape. Pita topped off the style with a thick metal chain sewn along the center part—a well-placed echo of the designer’s heavy usage of chain in the  Dior collection.

While chains drew envious stares at Dior, zipper mania overran young design talent Benjamin Cho’s runway, and the perfect complement to the cool closure came in the form of colored bobby pins that spiraled, swerved and swooped up in a frenzy.

No, you may not be a drama queen in the true  sense of the term, but we know you; you’ll throw  a tantrum if all you see are ponytails  on the runways.

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