Faux Flush

Only Hue Faux FlushStop pinching and start brushing! These blushing beauty products  will have your clients marveling at how naturally flushed they look.

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Want to appear tickled pink, yet find you’re looking more like sallow Sally? We all desire a rosy glow, but with the decision to don a faux cherub-like flush comes choosing the appropriate hue to bring out that natural-looking mantle.

Says Make-up Designory instructor John Bailey, “Fair and medium complexions should use pinks and peaches. The key is to control the intensity, keeping the color soft.” He suggests slowly building up color, then applying powder over the blush, paying particular attention to the edges.

For olive complexions, he warns against choosing tricky mauve colors. “These tend to make rich olive complexions gray and sallow in appearance,” he says. He recommends intense rusty or burnt orange hues—they may seem bold in the compact or tube, but gray down when blended with dark complexions, providing a natural-looking flush.

When choosing between creams or powders, Bailey points out the benefits of both. “Cream blushes are easier to control in both intensity and blending, yet powdered blushes are the most convenient,” he says.

So, take a look at these blushing products and help your clients go for the faux flush!

Youngblood Crushed Loose Mineral Blush in Cabernet

Repêchage Colour Actif Blush in Flirt

Your Name Triple Split Blush in Pink Mousse

Bibo Blush in Tickled

Bloom Sheer Colour Creme in Rosie

Make-up Designory Cheek Color in Berry

Aveda Uruku Cheek-Lip Crème in Roselle

Cara Cosmetics Unicolor in Jaipur

Colorlab Custom-Blended Cheek Tint

Bare Escentuals i.d. BareMinerals Blush in Lovely

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