Chemical Romance

Only Hue Chemical RomanceNo elementary formulas here! Add makeup’s newest science-based products to your beauty laboratory.

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Colorlab Active Ultra-Firming Botanical Complex

The Claim: When added to foundation, this additive employs soy protein to immediately firm and tighten skin.

Colorescience Chocolate Mousse Skin Primer and Bronzer
The Claim: Oat beta glucan reduces redness; rice peptides tighten skin; and chocolate helps improve vascular health.

Jane Iredale PureLash Lengthening Mascara
The Claim: Triple-length cellulose fibers promise supreme length while D-panthenol conditions and helps thicken lashes.

FACE Atelier Lash RX
The Claim: Vitamins and antioxidants condition and strengthen lashes; glycerin hydrates; silicone gel provides slip and suppleness; and phenoxyethanol prevents microbial growth.

glo-Minerals glo-Protective Liquid Foundation
The Claim: Copper-rich Mala’kite helps increase collagen and elastin production; venecean helps inhibit free-radical activity and repairs UV damage.

Bodyography Oxyplex Mineral Makeup
The Claim: Product line uses Granactive retinoid to clear skin; coenzyme Q10 to fight free-radical damage; and Dermaxyl to promote collagen and elastin production.

Joey New York Instant Chemistry Concealed Weapons
The Claim: A trio of concealers disguises skin flaws and evens skin tones using Prozymex HBT enzymes (antiaging) and marine collagen (plumping).

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