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Frame MakersBe on the brow beat with these tips and products. 

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Not everyone can brow down to 2009’s bold and beautiful trend—brow shape is extremely personal. And while there isn’t a “Frame-O-Matic” that spits out the perfect arch design, we’ve tapped Brett Freedman, creator of Vanitymark makeup and brow guru to Kelly Clarkson and Vanessa Hudgens, for some brow-ess tips that are sure to help you create a pleasing frame.  

The Bold Guard. For girls with stronger features, “brush brows up and out. This lends a more substantial brow line in a snap!” Anemic Arches, About-Face! To counteract unsightly over-plucking, “don’t simply fill in the holes; use a light brow pencil throughout the brow for a seamless appearance.”
A Little Lighter. So arches don’t look drawn-on, “go one shade lighter than the natural brow color. You want a shadow of definition that lends shape.”
The Big Tweeze. Get your tools straight. Slant-tips are for easy grabs; pointed-tip tweezers are for “the just-growing-in nubs.” 
Powder, Wax, Gel or Pencil? Powders create a soft, diffused look and allow you to build color easily. “Waxes and gels tame unruly brows, while pencils are great for on-the-go girls.” —Karie L. Frost
(Photo: Andreea Angelescu)


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