Multiple Personalities

Multiple PersonalitiesStyle schizophrenia is spring’s new mania.

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The dueling voices in your head create a fashion fracas whenever you poke through your closet. The pull of sublime minimalism dukes it out with the desire for ostentatious ornamentation. While the bohemian in you is tickled at the sight of free-flowing shapes, your right-leaning style pundit calls for tight, tucked silhouettes. Punchy tropical hues catch your eye, but, then again, so do those moodier jewel tones that suss out your more sophisticated side. The good news: This spring, you won’t need meds to silence your internal bickering since designers are celebrating contrast in its many forms. Pulling inspiration from art, nature, politics, fashion, pop culture and everything in between, designers churn out a crush of contrasting trends to reconcile your fighting fashion personalities.

—Karie L. Frost

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