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Rock This WayLaunchpad takes you to sunny So Cal for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the KMS California 2009 campaign.

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The Pacific Ocean crashes on the beach as seagulls soar overhead, darting through the marine layer that envelops the coast in the early morning hours. A group of gorgeous 20-somethings converges on a magnificent Malibu mansion’s patio to enjoy the peace and beauty that the scene offers. “This is simply amazing!” breathes a raven-haired beauty next to me—and I can’t help but agree.

Am I tagging along with today’s hottest rock band? Not quite. Rather, I’m playing groupie to KMS California, which has invited Launchpad and our readers to venture behind the scenes of its 2009 advertising campaign. The concept: A hipster rock band takes to the open road and gears up for some head-banging performances.

The whole shoot process takes three days, with Day One capturing the band prepping for a big gig. The hair is edgy, the clothing rockster-chic and the makeup fierce. These stylish beings are a group of friends poised to take the music world by storm, and their style matches their confidence.

On Day Two of the shoot, we find the band unwinding and regrouping by the sea after a hard day’s night. With hair that’s done yet relaxed, the band members reminisce about the previous evening’s stellar performance and discuss an upcoming Vegas gig.

Shoot forward to Day Three: Vegas-bound, the band finds itself whiling away the hours on a dry lakebed after the bus breaks down. Yet, even when faced with adversity, this crew  still manages to possess an air of quiet strength, control and ultra coolness—with rockin’ tresses to match.

The rock band concept is of utmost importance to the campaign, explains Anja Martens, VP of global marketing, as it’s instrumental in not only showing the diversity of the products, but also in conveying the KMS California culture. “We’ve worked very hard to create a fun yet believable concept for the shoot this year,” Martens says. “Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this cool, trendy band?”

Each of the models sports fab outfits and killer makeup, not to mention hair to die for, courtesy of a group of talented KMS California hair artistes. “Each of the band member’s looks change according to the day,” explains Clive Allwright, international artistic director for KMS in Australia. “We’ve come up with nighttime looks, daytime looks and even on-the-road looks!”

“We’ve had so much fun creating styles with these new products!” exclaims Kaycee Clark, USA international artistic director, referring to a bevy of releases that have been showcased in Launchpad over the past few months. And even high winds on the final day of shooting couldn’t deter the stylists’ enthusiasm. “It was very exciting, but also challenging,” laughs Martens. “However, adhering to our philosophy of not shooting in a studio—which supports our promise of creating versatile looks for real-life people—was worth the slight inconvenience.” Rock on!

—Amy Dodds

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