What's on the Men-u?

What's on the Men-u?Though times may be challenging, one sector of your salon is growing steadily—men’s grooming. Learn about the latest men’s trends and products to keep him coiffed, polished and, above all, man-happy.

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Blame it on Beckham and Pete Wentz. Or, blame it on us, for that matter. Men have become—how should we say it?—more mane-tained and skin-terested. Fact: Men make up 30% of the salon market, according to market research firm Diagonal Reports’ “Male Grooming Market USA 2008.” And while your male clients most likely won’t be lining up for Jean Paul Gaultier’s new Monsieur makeup line (hey, they gotta draw the line somewhere), they will be coming to you to address their hair and skin woes. Here’s what you’ll need to know—and stock—to meet  their grooming needs.

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