Winging It with Christopher Dove

Sonya Christopher Dove The DovesSonya and Christopher Dove's skills soar in "The Marriage of Cut & Color" via LIVE, REAL-TIME streaming video on January 12 as part of our Online Salon Series presented by Launchpad and The Colorist.

"The Marriage of Cut & Color" is the third installment of LP’s Online Salon Series, following Gina Khan's "Haircolor Tips, Tricks & Applications" in November and Martin Parsons's "Special Occasion Hair" in December.

Launchpad spoke with Christopher Dove about the team's upcoming event:

LP: You opened your salonThe Doves Studio in Santa Monica, Californiatwo years ago with no clientele. And yet we’ve visited your salon many times and it’s always really busy! Care to share a few of your business-building tips with our users?


CD: We haven’t discovered a magic bullet that can instantly fill up our chairs. But we have employed some tried-and-true techniques that have had excellent results. Chief among them is giving an in-depth consultation—one that covers all the possibilities for a potential client, and not just a bit of this and that.

We also have a rock-solid referral program: When a client refers a new client to us, we place a $20 credit in our existing client’s account that can be redeemed any time. We do the same thing for the new client. It’s really a win-win-win situation for everyone—including us!

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