Quick Tips: Where The Girls Are

Become bosom buddies with clients by sharing these wonder-full bra tips.

Get Fit: The perfect bra starts with the perfect fit, yet up to 80% of women reportedly choose the wrong size. Solution: Have a bra commando…um, make that a bra-specialist…determine your true dimensions. If the thought of being half-naked in front of a stranger causes chest palpitations, no worries: She can take accurate measurements right over your T-shirt. (No cheating by wearing a padded bra to the fitting!)

Audition the Band: Forget those unreliable rock musicians you’ve dated; a bra’s band is actually supposed to be supportive. In fact, it’s meant to do 80% of the work. Yet, it’s common for women to overestimate their girth and go too big on band size. If you’re constantly pulling up your bra straps, or you can easily slip more than two fingers under the band, it’s time to try the next smaller size.

Adjust Your Wiring: An underwire bra shouldn’t poke, pinch or put a crimp in your otherwise pleasant personality. (The underwire is supposed to lay flat around your breasts and against your sides.) If it fits correctly but still hurts, you might have a high rib cage. The best recourse for this condition: Go wireless.

Don’t Shoulder the Burden: Bra straps are designed to do only 20% of the work. After that, they begin to fall down on the job—and your breasts promptly follow. If your straps are digging into your shoulders, a poor fit may be the culprit. But if the fit is right and your shoulders are still kvetching, look for a wide-strapped bra to diffuse the pressure.

Hold the Line: When wearing tops made of thin or stretchy fabric, achieve a sleeker silhouette by donning a “T-shirt bra”—a thin, seamless design usually made of microfiber. 

Give Your Girls a Break: Your breasts need adequate lymph flow, which can be impeded when wearing a bra—especially one that’s doing a squeeze play on your ribs. No need to burn it, but do try to be bra-free for a few hours a day, unless your doctor instructs you otherwise. 

Don’t Go Bust: If you can afford to buy strapless, plunging, halter, backless, or racerback models for your various clothing needs, go for it! But if you can’t, don’t despair. Invest in a quality “convertible” bra that’s capable of all of these incarnations. —Linda Kossoff

(Sources: Bra Book: The Fashion Formula to Finding the Perfect Bra by Jené Luciani; BraStrapSolutions.com)

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