Treatment of the Month: Ona Spa’s Signature Blue Facial Treatment

Skin in need of serious hydration?

The Ona Blue Facial Treatment at Los Angeles, California's Ona Spa is great for dehydrated, sensitive skin. Oceanic minerals, hydrators and cellular boosters such as essential seaweed elements, marine elastin and collagen, sage and marjoram extracts along with blue chamomile help to calm, hydrate and nourish skin.

Because color possesses its own energy and the ability to influence our mood and sense of well-being, Ona Spa’s signature color sensory therapies are designed around a specific hue (blue, green and orange) to address all five of the senses. A blending of environmental sounds and music, aromatherapy, healing touch, herbal tonics, hue-specific lighting and naturally colored products results in a total sensory experience that, depending on your skin’s current needs, work to repair, hydrate or detoxify your skin.

*75 mins, $145

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