Blow Clients Away with Keratin Glazing

A hot new trend in hair salons is blow dry bars that provide menus specifically for blow dry services.  One of the first of these bars to pop up in Southern California was GLO Hair Salon in Calabasas.  GLO’s selection of blow dry services includes options such as the Pravana Keratin Glazing treatment, a new process that works to nourish and enhance the hair’s shine and smoothness.  Each Keratin Glazing service is a fast-acting application that resurfaces the hair, strand-by-strand, with pure keratin based proteins, making it stronger and more resilient.

“I have extremely frizzy hair and was skeptical before I tried it, once I saw it work on mine I was convinced.  I now offer the service at my salon as an add-on, which helps build business with no added time,” says Gloria Lopez, owner of GLO Hair Salon.

The Keratin Glazing treatment adds no extra time to the typical blow dry service.  It is an easy addition applied to wet hair directly before the blow dry, leaving clients with remarkably smooth, frizz-free hair –lasting up to 6 shampoos afterwards.  By pairing pure keratin protein with special polymers, Keratin Glazing resurfaces the hair, resulting in uncompromised shine, smoothness and protection.

The product immediately impressed Katherine Guzman, a busy personal trainer and regular at GLO.  After receiving the treatment, Guzman exclaimed, “I love how my hair feels!  My hair actually feels stronger and looks shinier than I have ever seen it.”

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