Elizabeth Taylor: Launchpad Remembers The Timeless Style Icon

Actress Elizabeth Taylor was a style icon who demonstrated classic Hollywood glamour.  With her dark hair and violet eyes, she was a stunning movie star whose hair and makeup always looked immaculate.  From short bob, to voluptuous waves and even the accessorized hair seen in “Cleopatra,” she wore some impressive hairstyles over the years.  Taylor was also known for her perfume line White Diamonds and her expansive jewelry collection.  One of her most famous pieces was the 69-carat diamond ring given to her by her two-time husband, actor Richard Burton.  In addition to being a beautiful Oscar winning actress, Taylor was at the forefront of raising money for AIDS research.  Elizabeth Taylor’s beauty and style has awed and inspired generations of women all over the world.  She demonstrated what it meant to be beautiful not only on the outside but on the inside as well.  

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