Sweet Talkers

Seet TalkersAt Betsey Johnson, sugar and spice and everything nice includes saucy ringlets, tush-grazing baby doll dresses and temptress ’tudes.

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Designer: Betsey Johnson

Products: Redken

Somehow, being misled by a seductive sexpot gussied up in thigh-skimming ruffles and sky-high stilettos is OK. No matter what gasp- worthy ploys escape those ruby-red lips, that little twinkle in her eyes assures you that everything is going to be all right—for her, at least.

This is the Betsey Johnson babe, who, this season, loves rompers, jumpers and pedal pushers in shades of creamsicle, pistachio and sky. Like Paris and Britney, she parties the night away with countless paramours; unlike Paris and Britney, she wears cute knickers complete with ruffles. She seeks style cues from the ’40s and ’50s, yet trims off the length and adds in a dash of sassy detailing.

And her hair? Bouncy curls, of course! Redken lead stylist Italo Gregorio took one look at Johnson’s spring collection and immediately thought of the brazen pinup girls of yore. “But I wanted to take the pinup idea a step further,” he says. “I didn’t want to do set waves, like Bettie Page would wear.” Instead, he conspired to blend retro glamour with another era’s beauty: ’80s Flashdance starlet Jennifer Beals. “So now the style is sexy, fun and curly with a triangular shape—not too much volume or body on top, but loads of curl at the bottom,” he says.

Score This Look

Got your baby doll dress, platform shoes and matte-red lipstick? These products will help you to round out this seductive look with runway perfect ringlets.

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