Battle of the Waxes

Battle of the Waxes The fight for hair independence is won!

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Guys and dolls in search of that perfect product to style their manes can sometimes feel like they’re in a never-ending game of tug-of-war: Some stylers are simply too strong and weigh down tresses, while others keep nary a stray hair in place.

Thank goodness for today’s generation of waxes, pastes and pomades. These water-soluble creations, which offer various degrees of flexible, medium and rock-hard hold, end the strife associated with finding the right product for the job. Equally impressive, these modern-day versions of old-school grease enable all clients to maintain their cool, whether they’re wearing slicked-back curls, molding their lanky locks into a piece-y pompadour or spiking and separating the edges of their razor-sharp ends.

Let the styling begin!

—Amy Dodds

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