Where the Wild Things Czar

Where the Wild Things CzarBaByliss Pro and überstylist Orlando Pita join ranks to ensure that unruly manes lead the Russian beauty revolt.

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Designer: Vera Wang

Products: BaByliss Pro

Imperial Russia is certainly a world away when one is backstage jostling for a place to stand amidst throngs of camera crews, editors, models and stylists. But Vera Wang’s fall collection finds its legs in early twentieth-century Russia and brings the past alive with gusto. Heavy-browed, Bolshevik-inspired models stand at the ready, as do crimson-lipped czarina models. One by one, they march to the beat of top stylist Orlando Pita as they quietly wait for his coiffing orders.

“We found inspiration in young girls who have never cut their hair,” says Pita. To achieve this end, Pita adds thick, unruly and oh-so-long extensions to each girl—except for three lucky models whose natural manes fit the bill. As he sifts through hundreds of wefts, Pita relates, “We worked and washed the hair pieces last night and then let them dry naturally to get this rough texture.” Pita carefully matches the extensions’ hue to that of the girls’ natural hair. “The color is important; it lends reality,” he explains.

The key to pumping youthful abandon into this look: two dryers from the new BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium line—the Mid Size Ionic Turbo Dryer and the Pistol Grip Dryer. “We’re using these tools to scrunch the hair and give added texture,” Pita says, as he haphazardly selects sections of hair and puts them into loose ponytails, ratting the ends and fluffing them further with the dryers. The finished look is wild, untamed and youthful—perfect for a revolution!

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