Odd Woman Out

Odd Woman OutJoico’s Antonia Triano styles strands perfect for eccentric beauty Edie Bouvier Beale.

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How to capture the quirky style of a privileged outcast accustomed to wearing her skirts upside down? This is the challenge that contemporary designer Phillip Lim takes on for his fall showing. It’s definitely “pedigree minus prudence,” he quips, citing Edie “Little Edie” Bouvier Beale, the eccentric first cousin of former First Lady Jackie Kennedy and subject of the documentary Grey Gardens, as his autumn muse. The spirited beauty—determined to find fame, yet ended up ultimately living in squalor as a recluse with her mother—and her eclectic tastes are reflected in Lim’s collection: preppy pieces coupled with cool shifts; boyish blazers covering sheer blouses with floppy neckties.

Although Little Edie lost her hair in her 20s (and therefore wore countless chic head wraps), Lim’s models found their manes coiffed in one of two hairdos created by Joico lead stylist Antonia Triano: a low chignon worn with a wide, crystal-encrusted headband—a “nod to Little Edie’s many head accessories,” winks Triano—or loose, cascading waves. “Phillip wanted to convey a soft, not too fussy look that appears classic and effortless,” explains Triano. “So the chignon is neat—but not too neat.” On a few models, rotund top hats cap off zigzagging waves that have a bit of wild abandon, like their muse. “Both looks are styled without being prudish,” says Triano. “They’re effortlessly beautiful.”

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