Victor's Secret

Victor's SecretChristo slicks up dapper dandies in skivvies at the boisterous 2(x)ist show.

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Designer: 2(x)ist

Products: Curlisto

Victoria may have a secret, but 2(x)ist wants you to know that Victor has some hush-hush secrets of his own. The men’s underwear company churns out super-soft, mix-and-match undershirts, boxers, briefs and everything else a boy who enjoys flaunting his junk could want.

At the Spring 2008 2(x)ist showing, de rigueur undergarments receive a modern revamping, making them almost wearable as outerwear. (Hey, if Madonna could do it, why shouldn’t Lenny Kravitz?) Christo, the man behind the ringlet-ruling Curlisto product range, luxurious Christo Fifth Avenue salon, and the 2(x)ist runway hair, exclaims, “The 2(x)ist show was like the male version of a Victoria’s Secret fashion show!”

And like in Victoria’s Secret’s now famously risqué shows, coifs command just as much attention as the skimpy wares because these jockeys deserve ’dos as hot as they are.  While the 2(x)ist undies are all about updating a classic, Christo takes manes in the opposite direction for some cool balance. “We created an old-time, Hollywood man’s hairstyle with clean parts and wet, shiny hair,” he relates. Using his Curlisto line, Christo works hair into glossed perfection for gentlemen who wear something a bit more fashionable—and risqué—than your typical tighty-whiteys.

Score This Look

Step into this super-chic, sleek hairstyle with these Curlisto products.

Control Gel II: Provides lightweight control and shine

Structura Spray: For long-lasting hold—even in heat and humidity

Glow & Shine: Eliminates flyaways as it imparts extreme gloss

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