Bond Bombshells

Bond BombshellsRedken’s Hanan Shauriki arms Gottex’s Bond Girls with strong, sassy strands.

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Designer: Gottex

Products: Redken

When Jamaican shell diver Honey Ryder emerges from the sea clad in a sexy white two-piece with a dagger strapped to her waist, secret agent James Bond 007 is smitten. Twenty years later, NSA agent Giacinta “Jinx” Johnson flaunts her taut gams and abs in a teeny orange bikini, and Bond is sucked in yet again. And while many may say that Bond is simply attracted to stunning beauty, it’s the mixture of sensuality, assertion and strength that he really falls for. Fittingly, these are the same attributes that fuel Gottex designer Gideon Oberson’s Brazilian Bond Girls spring 2008 collection.

“I wanted to mix the strength and edginess of the legendary Bond Girls with the festive colors and shapes of Carnival,” Oberson explains. To this end, a bevy of leggy, curvy models strut in swim- suits befitting women with double-entendre names like Pussy Galore. 

“Because this is an eclectic collection with so many different looks, we wanted to go with a simple hairstyle,” says Redken lead stylist Hanan Shauriki. “And what’s more simple than a ponytail?”

Shauriki plays hair agent backstage, sussing out Redken products to create ’dos that would surely ignite 007’s lusty passions. He’s tapping 23, 06 and 17 (code for Forceful 23, Workforce Crystal Curls 06 and Curl Force 17) to thwart the evil adversary—a typical, humdrum ponytail—by dividing these Bond Girls’ lanky locks into two ponies, and then attaching “secret” extensions to the lowest tail to beef up the length and thickness.

The little details, such as brushing Curl Force 17 and Crystal Curls 06 onto the crown and hairline for an ultra-wet appearance, banding the ponytail in three spots for interesting texture, and ratting the ends “to create a bit more movement,” are what elevate this ’do to secret-agent status. “This is a pretty simple way to dress up a ponytail,” Shauriki adds, as he arms yet another Brazilian Bond Girl with an alarmingly chic hairstyle.

Score This Look

Even Dr. No couldn’t refuse  these Redken products.

Crystal Curls 06 defining shine gel:  frizz-free, crystalline finish

Curl Force 17 texturizing spray-gel:  adds texture and sheen

Forceful 23 super-strength finishing spray:  humidity resistant, maximum hold  and frizz-free shine

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