The Unexpected

The UnexpectedPyramid-shaped coifs and “tauped-and-smoked” eyes throw a beauty curveball at H Fredriksson.

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Designer: H Fredriksson

Products: Joico

Beauty veers off the beaten path at the spring 2008 H Fredriksson showing where both fashion and beauty are all about the unexpected. Backstage, Joico lead stylist Lisa Pickersgill seeks to create an out-of-the-box coif.

“We wanted the hairstyles to mirror the diversity of the conflicting textures in the collection,” she says as she vigorously backcombs models’ manes, then gathers the strands and artfully tucks them under at the nape, while explaining, “Helena also wanted a clear line around the neck, so we’re creating a triangle shape with tons of volume.”

The resulting look: an unusual pyramid with an apex that’s sleek and unmussed, and a foundation that’s voluminous and matted. “Every woman could wear this,” Pickersgill concludes. “You want volume, but you still want sleekness. This look takes it to the next level.”

The face to pair with a texturized pyramid? “Feminine, soft and polished—definitely not overdone,” says Jane Iredale’s Kevin Mendelson. “We chose soft, smoky eyes, but not enough to do fire damage,” he laughs.

Nixing black and gray, Mendelson paints matte taupe and cappuccino hues, surrounding the  eyes with “warm, unstructured color.” Mendelson settles on a satiny glow for the girls’ skin because it makes their faces appear “really smooth.” He pinks some models’ cheeks with Jane Iredale Marigold Cheeks Gloss; some even find their lips swathed with the same product. Mendelson steps back to survey one of the striking models, her face awash with his handiwork. “You can never go wrong with this look,” he says proudly.

Score This Look

When creating the unexpected, work outside of the box with these Joico and Jane Iredale products.

Joico I-C-E Spiker Water-Resistant Styling Glue: water-resistant hair adhesive

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