Catch the Wave

Catch the WaveAt Tracy Reese’s spring showing, a wave of braids captures the essence of the high seas.

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Designer: Tracy Reese

Products: FHI Heat

“Imagine taking the vacation of a lifetime on a wonderful ocean liner cruise to Tunisia, North Africa,” designer Tracy Reese says wistfully of her spring 2008 collection. “I wanted to capture the way people might have dressed—and packed—back in the day when they traveled solely by sea.”

Ah, yes. We can see ourselves twirling starboard in one of Reese’s light-as-air wares—so high-seas chic!  We can also envision our hair woven delicately into plaits that cradle one side of our head—a style that relates an earthy, bohemian feel. Edris Nicholls, longtime backstage fixture at Reese’s shows and FHI Heat devotee, says of the carefree style, “We wanted the silhouette of a ’30s wave, yet still have a ’70s vibe.”

The wave, a nod to the carefully crafted rolls women wore in the ’30s, strengthens Reese’s idea of pulling inspiration from travelers of a bygone era; the loose braiding serves to lend a kick-back ’70s beach touch. “This is very beautiful, soft and feminine,” Nicholls enthuses as she takes a wide-tooth comb and roughens up the taut plaits for that undone, boho bent. Bon voyage!

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