Through the Grapevine

Through the GrapevineLet your client experience the finer curls in life with these tress-enhancing tips and products. 

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Good curls are like fine vintage wines: Sure, the grapes matter, but the vintner holds the key. Does your client fancy bold curls with a smooth finish? Or does she prefer a softer edge with rich, colorful undertones? Of course, there are those who are reluctant to let go of their inhibitions, venturing little beyond flat domestic beer…make that straighteners…all their lives. No worries—you’ll have her raising her glass to her looped tendrils soon enough. We’ve uncorked the secrets of leading curl connoisseurs who aim to show you that with their tutelage and the newest products, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be delivering well-balanced ringlets to your corkscrew clients!

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