Alien Nation

Alien NationAveda creates close encounters of another kind of beauty at Rag & Bone.

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Designer: Rag & Bone

Products: Aveda

So if Earth Girls celebrate easy beauty, then gals from another galaxy like theirs a bit roughened up. Backstage at Rag & Bone’s fall showing, gangly strangelings filter in and out of the Aveda hair and makeup stations, their otherworldly features exemplified by cornrow braids and a matte navy eye.

Rag & Bone designers David Neville and Marcus Wainwright had a vision, relates Aveda’s lead stylist, the handsome Teddy Charles. “Their inspiration was futuristic—specifically Blade Runner,” he says in a lilting French accent. He’s quick to add, “But it’s not hard or too literal; it’s soft, sexy and young.”

Charles’ interpretation plays up shape with a slightly teased crown, which he explains “is giving height, but not too much height—it’s a natural volume.” Two cornrows jut back from the occipital bone and gently arc down to a ponytail, which explodes into a mass of fluffy, texturized hair. Charles creates a third braid from within the pony—a sort of afterthought that lends just enough quirk to the look. “The separation of the cornrows gives this style a weird shape—very much alien,” Charles says. “But, I can see young women wearing it anywhere—to the beach, on the street, to the bar.” Aah, so Earth girls can have fun with it too!

Across the room über-talent Gucci Westman wields Aveda’s earth-friendly makeup, focusing her attention on the eye. To complement the futuristic feel of the show, Westman says, “A dark navy eye balanced by a monochromatic face creates a nice counterpoint to the collection.” It’s all in the application; how she positions the bluish-black tones on the upper lids to lend the illusion that the eyes are more widely spaced apart  than they actually are. Luminescent skin matched up with a matte nude lip strike an oddly beautiful chord—quite the alien beauty encounter!

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