Shampoos, Conditioners, Sprays, Creams to Restore Shine & More

First Look HairSurf’s up! KMS California HairPlay Sea Salt Spray is sure to gift her with a beach-worthy mane, thanks to natural sea salts that allow for workable hold, and antioxidants, such as grape extracts, to help defend strands from the elements.

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Is she dreaming of the spotlight? Her hair will be glossed to the nines thanks to Profound Beauty’s new Glossary collection. Packed with innovative microprism technology and lightweight silicones, these three red carpet-worthy products, Shine Spray, Shine Cream and Shine Serum, will leave your leading lady twinkling like a little starlet!

Are her strands crying for some post-color TLC? Gentle pHormulate 1a shampoo and 2a conditioner seal the cuticle and lock in color thanks to ChromaGuard technology and certified botanical extracts. 

Help is on the way! Infused with proprietary Nutri-Injection technology, Keune Vital Nutrition Shampoo, Conditioner (shown), Intensive Hair Repair, Leave-In Hair Repair, and Nutrition Conditioning Spray regenerate damaged tendrils, leaving locks smooth, shiny and tangle-free.

Separate her from the rest of the pack with Matrix Vavoom Switch Flicks. This two-in-one dynamo acts like a gel on damp hair and a wax on dry hair. Either way, it’ll help define her style with sizzlin’ separation!

She’ll leave your chair begging for more when you introduce her to the Rusk Sensories collection, an arousing 26-product line that acts deep within as well as on the surface of hair to strengthen and smooth each strand. Shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and body care come packed with natural botanicals such as passionflower, mandarin and lavender.

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