Orphic Beauts

Orphic BeautsTemptu and Logics blend flashy color with soft angles to satisfy Behnaz Sarafpour’s masterful musings.

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Designer: Behnaz Sarafpour

Products: Logics, Temptu

At first glance, the link between Behnaz Sarafpour’s fall 2008 collection and Sonia Delaunay, the early-20th-century artist associated with the orphism art movement—and Sarafpour’s current muse—isn’t apparent. after all, orphism celebrates geometric forms and vibrant colors, while Sarafpour’s pieces seem to veer in the opposite direction: wares are saturated in a palette that depends heavily on black, white and gray, and dresses are mostly devoid of obvious structural shape. But, as with most runway showings, details make the difference; in this case, it’s makeup and hairstyling that help project a world of luscious colors and geometric forms.

Wow-factor eyes courtesy of celeb makeup artist Gucci westman create a playful counterbalance to Sarafpour’s sedate frocks. westman selects two fearless hues—fuchsia and yellow—and one subdued gray to add optic verve to models’ peepers. When the yellow shade she has on hand backstage doesn’t provide enough pop, Westman phones up Temptu, and the airbrush company rushes over makeup pro Jenai Chin to apply its S/B Hi Def Yellow, helping westman to achieve her goal: intense yellow flocking from lid to lash. “It’s a fun season to be bold as a makeup artist,” says Westman. “It’s all about enjoying color, texture and freedom of expression.”

Rather than pushing the color envelope further, the hair goes another route. A-list hair hero Ashley Javier focuses on the geometrics of orphism, crafting savvy bobs that shimmer beautifully, thanks to Logics styling products. “Since the clothes are elegant and feminine, I wanted to complement the collection with sleek hair by using products to create a modern, finished look,” Javier explains. taking the lower half of the model’s hair, he sets the foundation by weaving cornrows in a zigzag to cut down any fullness. He then anchors the top section of the hair to the cornrows, folding under the ends to project the illusion of a tight, slick bob. to achieve a crystalline, perfect surface, Javier smooths all distracting flyaways with Logics Color DNA Shine Illuminating Serum. With a few mists of Logics DNA Creative Styling Spray, he locks in the cropped styles, and the orphic beauties—both bright-eyed and bob-tastic chic—are ready for the catwalk.

Score This Look

Communicate vibrant colors and geometric shapes with these artful products.

Logics Color DNA Creative Styling Spray: for impeccable hold and quick-dry properties

Temptu S/B Hi Def Yellow: assures seamless coverage and high-pigment results

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