Beauty Beyond Tomorrow

Beauty Beyond TomorrowAt Rodarte, tomorrow’s Eves boast techno-reflective buns courtesy of Aveda.

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Designer: Rodarte

Products: Aveda

Spied backstage at Rodarte’s spring showing: beautiful androids amongst a clutch of mere mortals. These stunning Autobots tower in Nicholas Kirkwood platforms constructed from recycled electrical wire; their skin is porcelain and plastic-like. Yet, there is nothing artificial about the fashion; it’s all couture-crafted intelligence, with diamond cutout leather leggings, chain-and-leather-bound sweaters, and artfully draped Grecian gowns dipped in a spectrum of acid hues.

This picture of gynoid glamour wouldn’t be complete without outré coifs handcrafted by the queen of avant-garde hairstyles, Odile Gilbert. Working with Aveda, she coils strands into a perfect spiral bun, which she notes is like “working with origami—carefully folding and wrapping the hair in circular motions. It’s round like the earth, or, even quite brain-like.” This brainy bun, she admits, “takes a bit of patience, but can be adapted to create a very elegant look” for female denizens of this planet. But for all of her precision folding, the bun only serves as a foundation; shortly after securing it into place, she deftly pulls a top section of hair over the bun and tucks it under, completely covering her masterpiece.

It’s only when she gently affixes a delicate sheet of 24-karat gold leafing that the look skews robo-chic. While blondes receive gold leaf, brunettes go silver. Gilbert douses strands in Aveda Brilliant Retexturizing Gel to lend some stick, sprays the leafing with Aveda Air Control, and then gently blows the accoutrement into place. Strange. But, then again, what would you expect from an out-of-the-box thinker who so seamlessly blends sci-fi and high style?

Score This Look

Today’s Earth Girls can be tomorrow’s Eves with these robo-haute Aveda picks.

Air Control Hair Spray: earth-friendly with dry delivery and lasting hold

Brilliant Retexturizing Gel: grants a soused look; affixes leafing


—Karie L. Frost

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