Trend Vision '09

Portfolio Trend Vision '09Wella Pro leaps to the forefront with its Trend Vision '09, a lifestyle and beauty forecast that highlights four key styles for 2009: De-Lush, InterseXion, Utopia, and Virtual Life.

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Cult colorist and Wella Pro global creative director Josh Wood effuses, “The looks for 2009 are all around us: You see them on the catwalk, in glossy magazines and on A-list celebrities. Love them. Be inspired by them. But always remember that they must be adapted to each client’s appearance, personality and lifestyle to be both stylish and unique.”

Imagining pastel nuances lighting up the horizon, Utopia gals live in a softer world filled with emotions and dreams of an ideal future. Reinforcing their consciousness, the hair is light and weightless, with dynamic, futuristic shapes that are tempered by pastel creams and platinum blonde colorations.

The road to sumptuous starts here. Earthy and sensuous, being De-Lush is all about acceptance of who we are—including the natural body in all its glory. Accentuating the curvy lines of De-Lush beauties, fabrics provide fluid and provocative movements while hair, with all its waves and casualness, takes on voluminous sensuality. Warm haircolors embrace the De-Lush diva with a
deft blend of gold, brown and rich copper, signaling her trend personality.

Virtual Life
Living somewhere between actuality and the Internet, Virtual Life-ites are constantly re-spinning their worlds to reflect different characters and views of reality. Committed to morphing as quickly as their virtual avatars, their crowning glories must be creative and flexible, while an explosion of haircolors—whether supernatural or virtual—are perpetually redesigned.

Out with the vamp; in with the charismatic chick-ette. The InterseXion naturally pushes the limits of seduction while challenging stereotypes. Her hair is all about contrasts and eye-catching combinations: straight and moving, matte and shiny, round and square. Accentuating her indy moves: distinctive long lashes and bold brows.

—Jeryl E. Spear


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