Beat Summer Mascara Bummers with NovaLash

Ahhh, summer: a laid-back season of swimming, sand, surf and sun.  Unfortunately, it’s also traditionally a season of messed-up mascara, courtesy of all that swimming and sweating!  What’s a lash loving girl to do?  Of course, you could mess with clumpy, flaky waterproof mascara, or even choose to suffer silently a summer of runny raccoon eyes.  Or, you could make like the savviest of summer girls and open your eyes to NovaLash, long-lasting and luscious eyelash extensions that are also known for being the world’s healthiest.


NovaLash eyelash extensions use professional medical-grade adhesive, which means they’re gentle on your sensitive eye area while also being super durable.  In fact, NovaLash lashes are known for their ability to last for four to six weeks!  Even better, they’re so thick, long and lustrous that you can skip mascara altogether.  Just roll out of bed and onto that beach, boat, or—if you must! —Boardroom.  


And if you’re a certified lash artist, or are looking to become one, check out to get the goods on applying, selling, and becoming certified in the world’s best lashes.  In short, whether you’re a beauty junkie or a savvy stylist, NovaLash ensures that you’ll have an eye-opening experience.


Established in 2004 as the first global distributor of eyelash extension products, NovaLash, Inc. has quickly become the leader in the field of lash extensions by striving to provide the best that technology, science, creative artistry and customer satisfaction can achieve.  NovaLash has since expanded into over 40 countries outside of the U.S. and continues to globally enhance the eyelash extension industry through substantial R&D, improved regulations and superior education.  NovaLash was recognized in 2007 by ICMAD for product innovation of the year and voted Reader’s Choice for Best Eyelash Extension Company in 2010 by Beauty LaunchPad Magazine and won Professional’s Choice Award for Favorite Eyelash Extension Line from American Spa Magazine.  NovaLash continues to provide the only physician-developed training program using the longest lasting, medical-grade adhesives, earning NovaLash its reputation as ‘the healthiest’ professional lash extension system.



Image courtesy of Joni Rae and Associates.

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