Glam Rock

Glam Rock is inspired by the Pin up/Rockabilly trend from the 1950’s; an iconic time when rock’n’roll was born and young people stepped out with a new, bold edge. The hair is curled, rolled, polished and pinned. Jackie Yochim from Surface Hair and Visions Salon & Spa put a twist on classic hairstyles reinventing the pin up/rockabilly trend for a modern and fresh Glam Rock style.

Glam Rock - Female: Hair was blown dry with Jump Volume Mousse and the Surface Round Brush. Next, large 2 inch curls were set away from the face with Impulse Hairspray. Push Powder was used for backcombing and hold. The hair was rolled, polished and pined away from the face, with Shift Shine Wax. The look was finished with a light mist of Bassu Shine Spray.

Glam Rock- MaleStarting with dry hair, this look was achieved by working Shift Molding Clay into the hair for texture, firm hold and matte finish.

CREDITS: Hair by Jackie Yochim, Surface Hair and Visions Salon & Spa
Makeup by Pamela Warden
Photography by Kevin Hogarth

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