If you're searching for a way to make a difference in someone's life, check out The brainchild of salon owner and Keratin Complex educator Martino Cartier, the website aims to encourage ALL salons to offer free wigs/hair restoration/extensions to people suffering from the devistating effects of chemotherapy.



"My good friend, Maryanne McCormack, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009," says Martino. "She's given me so much inspiration and love, I just had to do something to give back. So I created" On the site, you will be shown how you can help your clients and make them feel more comfortable during their treatment, plus ideas on how to raise money for wigs, etc. "There is SUCH a need for this!" Matino exclaims. "I call it the 'We Are the World' of the hair industry. Michael Jackson was able to change the world with just a few musicians. Just imagine how much could be accomplished if hairdressers would come together for one cause?"

The unique aspect of the program is that it does NOT ask you for any donations. Simply, by becoming a MaryanneAndFriends salon, you're committing yourself to the idea that anyone who walks through your doors who is undergoing cancer treatment will be given compassion, understanding, and will never have to pay for hair services, including extensions or wigs.

And one sidenote: Matino shares with us the idea behind the logo. When Maryanne went to her first hairdressing job, she saw a red convertible in the parking lot. She asked the salon owner who it belonged to. "My top hairdresser owns that car," the owner replied, and Maryanne vowed that one day, SHE would be that stylist. Now, the top employee from her Visible Changes salons gets to drive that very same convertible.

Please visit for more info. —Amy Dodds

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