A.I.I. Men's Grooming at the 2011 BET Awards

Traditional barbershop staples made an appearance backstage at the recent Black Entertainment (BET) Awards, held in Los Angeles on June 26th at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, Ca. Working with some classic men’s products, celebrity makeup artist, Julie Socash, groomed and styled many of the night’s performers. Socash kept a stash of Clubman Moustache Wax at hand while she worked on the hair and makeup of stage performers and attendees. She often uses the wax, which comes in several shades, on hair and brows to hold strands in place and add the appearance of fullness. In addition, Tres Flores Brilliantine Solid Pomade and Jeris Hair Tonic with Oil shared the spotlight with Clubman backstage on the stations.

Tres Flores Solid Pomade imparts shine and manageability on all hair types. Jeris Hair Tonic with Oil helps hair stay in place with the added benefit of oil for healthy, shiny hair. The Clubman brand was well-represented at the show with the Club Mend Bump Repair and the Shave Talc in addition to the Moustache Wax. Socash requested the Bump Repair by name, exclaiming, “I love how smooth and hydrated my clients’ skin feels after using it, plus it’s easy to apply and the Salicylic Acid keeps skin clear after a shave.”

Image courtesy of American International Industries.

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