WATCH: Control Frizz with Anti-Frizz by YUKO

Anti-Frizz by YUKO is the solution to controlling frizzy hair.

Summer is here and while we may love spending time outside in the sun, we don't love what it can do to our hair. The weather is hot, humid, and causes disastrously frizzy hair. Avoiding frizz can be quite a challenge, but luckily with Anti-Frizz by YUKO we can enjoy good hair days all summer long.

Anti-Frizz by YUKO is a Japanese anti-frizz treatment that is designed to semi-permanently control frizz to make hair more manageable and healthy.  YUKO, the leader in Japanese hair straightening, created this advanced formula featuring Thioglycerin, the latest breakthrough ingredient used in Japan's hair industry to improve hair texture. The treatment is safe, gentle and natural, containing a blend of natural ingredients including silk, soy and wheat.  Unlike the Brazilian and Keratin Treatments, Anti-Frizz by YUKO contains no formaldehyde, an ingredient that has caused concern.

The system utilizes two solutions for the desired outcome. The first solution softens the hair bonds, and the second solution coats the softened hair with natural ingredients while depositing proteins. The results of the treatment are smooth and shiny hair. The process only takes around 90 minutes but keeps hair looking silky and frizz-free for about 3 months. 

Check out our video of the Anti-Frizz by YUKO process in action as Launchpad Managing Editor Jillian Gordon receives a hair transformation:

Anti-Frizz by YUKO Before and After:


Images courtesy of YUKO.

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