Minx Nails at London Fashion Week

Minx nails were spotted at London fashion week at the David Koma, Francesca Marotta, The Shenzhen: Dang Hao and ZAD Spring/Summer 2012 runway presentations:

David Koma SS 2012:

The David Koma Spring/Summer 2012 collection was shown on September 20, 2011 at the old Eurostar Terminal in London with the designer complementing his collection with custom Minx nail fashion specific to each of his 25 looks.
Legendary UK nail stylist Marian Newman revealed “David Koma’s stylist, Kim Howells, first sent me a set of picture references that the Spring/Summer collection would be based on, and I worked with Minx co-founder Janice Jordan to create a vast array of examples showing how we could incorporate these references and translate them into the nail fashion.”  Marian continued, “Kim loved all of them, so we decided to create a range that included all our ideas, but were held together by repeating themes”  
Each model showing this collection wore a different Minx look that was created specifically to set off her ensemble but also to create a cohesive flow.   For example, one set of Minx has a bright sunshine yellow base, the next has fade that goes from yellow to pink, and the next model has a solid pink.  The reference to clear plastics and a play of color were translated into clear crystal tips, but the tattoo markings and symbols became transparent tribal patterns, resulting in a devoré look.  
 “Some models have the devoré over the whole nail, some just over the tip… each is slightly different and completely unique,” explained Marian.  “Furthermore, each model also wore the corresponding base color of Minx on her toes, completing the ensemble perfectly.”
Marian said that when Kim laid out the finished range of Minx to show David, “he was so amazed he nearly cried.”
Minx co-founders Dawn Lynch-Goodwin and Janice Jordan were backstage assisting Marian and her team with the Minx application.  “Each set of Minx was unique and was created for a specific model, so we had to be very organized and precise,” concluded Marian, “and once all the applications were complete, it was a joy to see the vision come together.”
Photo courtesy of Becky Maynes.

Francesca Marotta SS 2012:

Francesca Marotta’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection was revealed on September 18, 2011 at the Saint Martin’s Lane Hotel in London during fashion week, and the designer selected Silver Lightning Minx nail fashion to complement her line.

Pebbles Aikens and her team at M2Mdamorejon initially suggested using Minx because of the strong impact that can be achieved on the runway.  Pebbles showed a wide variety of Minx colors and designs to the Francesca, and together they selected the metallic silver Minx to complement the collection.  Pebbles and her fellow nail stylists Amanda Owens and Lori Baker applied the solid nail coating to the twelve models for the show.

Photo courtesy of Pebbles Aikens.

The Fashion Shenzhen:  Dang Hao SS 2012:

The Fashion Shenzhen: Dang Hao Spring/Summer 2012 collection was revealed on September 19, 2011 at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout in London with Golden Lightning Minx nail fashion complementing the ensembles.

“The designer originally was thinking about using red on the models’ nails,” explained Pebbles Aikens of M2Mdamorejon. “But we showed him a variety of nail fashions, and as soon as he saw the Golden Lightning Minx, he said that was the look he wanted.”

Pebbles and fellow nail stylists Myrdith Leon McCormack, Nadia Blanco and Lori Baker applied the solid nail coating to 15 models for the show.Photo courtesy of Pebbles Aikens.

FAD SS 2012:
The FAD Spring/Summer 2012 collection included extra impact with the use of Golden Lightning Minx nail fashion on the fingertips of the models who walked the runway on September 20, 2011 at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout in London.

Nail stylist Pebbles Aikens and her team at M2Mdamorejon, who were booked for the show via Freelance The Work Space, said that originally gold nail polish was going to be used, but “Once I showed the Golden Lightning Minx, the designer thought the metallic look was fabulous and selected it to complement his collection.”

Pebbles, M2Mdamorejon founder Myrdith Leon McCormack, and fellow nail stylists Lori Baker, Jessica Marks and Nadia Blanco applied Minx nail fashion to the 26 models for the show.  “Because Minx is a solid nail coating, no drying time is required,” explained Pebbles.  “Minx also will not smudge or exude fumes, which is excellent when you are working so closely backstage.”Photo courtesy of Pebbles Aikens.


Top Image: David Koma Minx Nails by Becky Maynes.

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