Play Strong - The Artists

Timothy Switzer
Partner Category Winner '09
Timothy & Co. Salon and Spa
Courtice, Canada
The 36-year-old winner in the Partner Category and owner of “Timothy & Co. Salon and Spa” located in Ontario, Canada, has a long and successful career history in photographic competitions and was nominated for the “North American Hairdresser Fashion Forward Award.”
Mark Nordskov
Elumen Category Winner '09
Copenhagen, Denmark
The 37-year-old Dane of Salon CHA CHA CHA in Copenhagen emerged victorious in the Elumen Category. A former winner of the L’Oreal Professional Colour Trophy 2000, he now prefers working with Goldwell to feed his deep passion for color.
Tyker Ho
Creative Category Winner '09
Salon Flux
Taipei, Taiwan
Twenty-nine years old and Winner of the Creative Category, Tyker works at Salon Flux in Taipei, Taiwan. With only four years in professional hairdressing, he has made a name for himself already through his exceptional talent and creativity - fantastic!
Mario Krankl
Creative Head, CZ Master Team
International Hairline
Salzburg, Austria
Mario Krankl from Austria has been working with Goldwell for 20 years and is the brain behind the Color Zoom Master Team. Owner of “International Hairline” in Salzburg, Mario works on the international scene on photoshoots, theatre and TV productions as well hair shows.
Agnes Westerman
Color Expert, CZ Master Team
TWINS Hair & Beauty
Dalen, The Netherlands
Dutch Agnes Westerman is the Color Expert of the Color Zoom Master Team. Working at “TWINS Hair & Beauty” in Dalen she has developed her own highly successful collections that have won her numerous international awards.
Oliver Szilagyi
Editorial Stylist, CZ Master Team
Munich, Germany
Editorial hair and makeup stylist Oliver Szilagyi is well known for his work with Vogue, Elle and Tush, and has looked after stars such as Madonna, Donatella Versace and Sharon Stone as their personal stylist. He accompanied the Color Zoom winners on the photo shoot to show their creations in the perfect light.

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