Sarfati Gets Hitched

Guess who got hitched? Repêchage VP Shiri Sarfati, who recently wed Lawrence Markovitz at a 200-person ceremony in NYC! “I was never one of those girls who always dreamt of her wedding day,” laughs Sarfati, “And now I’m married! I couldn’t be happier.” Of course, LP had to ask this skincare expert a few of her personal favorite pre-wedding beauty must-haves. (You may relay this advice to clients, natch!)

1.    Facials. “My skin reacts to stress, and I sometimes get bad breakouts. More often than not, brides-to-be need to remember to enlist the help of professionals. I personally love the Repêchage 4-Layer Facial.”
2.    Lash extensions. “I'd never really considered lash extensions before my wedding, but my hair/makeup artist recommended them. What a difference! I was so happy and emotional the day-of that I cried—but it still looked like I had on tons of mascara that never ran. My sister even asked me what brand I used!”
3.    Have a stylist/makeup artist on-hand. “My ceremony was very traditional, and I wore a long veil with my hair in an updo. But when the reception came, I wanted to let my hair down! There’s no reason a bride shouldn’t be able to wear two different hairstyles at her wedding. And with makeup—after some tears, a refresher is always great!”
4.    Breathe in, breathe out. “I don’t know if this is a beauty ritual, but right before the ceremony, my sister noticed that I was a little stressed. She opened her hands, and told me to breathe in—turns out, she’d rubbed Repêchage Essential Oil of Seaweed onto her hands! It was such a fabulous idea, and it helped me to unwind."
5.    Relax. “I know that this also isn’t exactly a beauty regimen, but brides should remember to relax and enjoy themselves! All brides look beautiful on their wedding day, and they’re walking into a room surrounded by people who love them. What’s more beautiful than that?”

by Alyson Osterman

Image of Shiri: Shira Weinberger Photography

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