Sayonara, Limp Locks

strong>Aquage Uplifting Foam: VP/VA copolymer grants an instant style boost.

White Sands Curl Up in Silk: PVP/VA copolymer and hydrolyzed wheat protein inflate wimpy tresses.

Onesta Volumizing Foam: VP copolymer and hydrolyzed soy protein fatten skinny strands.

JKS International Blow Dry Spray +: PVM/MA copolymer and hydrolyzed wheat protein takehair to massive proportions.

Bosley Professional Strength Volumizing & Thickening Styling Gel: LifeXtend complex bestows mondo manes.

Oribe Volumista: Copolymers grant gravity-defying coifs.

Barex Italiana Volumizzante Spray: VP/VA copolymer ensures larger-than-life styles.

Rejuvenol Hair Thickener: Heat-activated formula contains PVP copolymer and carbomers to send scrawny strands packing.

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