Clean Bristles - Page 3



Another cleaning faux pas: “Do not let the water or cleaner get inside of the ferrule,” Bock warns. “This can weaken the glue used to hold the hair, which not only causes shedding and loosening of the handle, but also ‘activates’ the glue, emitting an unpleasant odor.”


And no matter how tempted you are to speed up the drying of your bristles, Bock advises against using a blow dryer or excessively rubbing them on a towel. “Just like with your hair, these two actions can cause breakage and frizz,” she says.


Finally, Frey says to “re-shape the brush head to the desired shape and let it air-dry naturally on a clean towel, preferably laying down so water doesn’t collect in the ferrule.”


(Photo: Andreea Angelescu)

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