Interview With Pravana's CEO Steve Goddard on the Importance of Being Green

We sat down with Pravana's CEO Steve Goddard on what it means to be green!

1.)   Why is going organic/green/natural important in the beauty sector and beyond?

The importance of being “green” really comes to play in two areas; the health of the earth and environment and the health and safety of our salon customers.

2)    What does it mean to you to be green?

As there is no real formal definition, this term means something slightly different for each individual. However, I believe that people commonly believe that being “green” means doing things, and in our case, creating products and services, that are safe and gentle to the earth and environment and to the health and well-being of salon professionals and their clients.

3)    How do you see the green movement evolving in salons?

I think more and more salons are embracing the “green” concept. Some are driven because their customers are demanding it while some salons are leading the charge. Salons will be more conscious of using products and providing services that are safe for earth and humans alike. What do you think could help it move along better? I think providing basic information to salons about simple steps they can take to provide a safer working environment would go a long way to unify the green efforts of salons everywhere.

4) What would you advise our readers to do to make an impact?

I think the most important thing a salon can do is to first examine the safety and environmental impact of the products they are using and the services they are performing. Sulfate and sulfite-free shampoos not only better preserve hair color but they greatly reduce user irritation and are gentler to the environment. Salons should avoid products containing cocamide DEA, phthalates, formaldehyde, and aldehydes, as these ingredients have been found to be associated with serious health risks. I would also advise salons to recycle whenever possible.

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