Sinfully Sweet III

In Sinfully Sweet III, Tang continues his exploration of luxurious brunette tones. The delicious image was inspired, he laughs, by a Snicker’s bar, and features mouthwatering hues of caramel, butterscotch and toffee in a rich chocolate base. The base color was created with 3-oz. Vero K-PAK Chrome Demi-Permanent ColorG6 (light golden brown) + ½-oz. RY (really yellow). Highlights in VeroULTRA Butterscotch + 30-volume; Toffee + 10-volume and Caramel + 20-volume complete the delectable confection.

To style each look, Tang worked with stylers from Joico’s K-PAK and Design Collection portfolios. Integral to each style was the new K-PAK Color Therapy Restorative Styling Oil, which conditions as it amplifies color’s vibrancy and shine. Design Collection Gloss Wax and Flexible Shaping Spray gave him the means to shape, mold, restyle and texturize—and the tools to create multiple variations from each foundational style.
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