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The Doves StudioPhoto courtesy The Doves Studio

LP: How do your receptionists help to build sales—both in terms of services and products?

CD: Our receptionists are trained to ask all clients if they would like to rebook their next services. This helps tremendously in preventing clients from slipping a few days, or even a few weeks, between services. They also have their stylists’ product recommendations at their fingertips when doing check-outs. Any products that are purchased or recommended that day are added to the clients’ salon records. The next time these clients visit our salon, printed histories are given to their stylists, which include their clients’ purchasing histories, as well as products that were recommended but not bought.

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LP: You’ve been teaching a myriad of Wella Professionals classes for many years. What sort of teaching program do you have for your salon? What are the differences?

CD: Much of it is the same: We believe that the haircut should always be done first, and the color last. It’s the only way that the colorist can enhance the cut, accentuate shadows and highlights, and generally make the total style come to life… in a great way. We also stress using all types of styling tools—scissors, clippers, razors—in order to achieve distinctively different looks. But unlike in our seminars, our salon workshops also include working diligently with our staff on consultation techniques, proper service timing, and different tried-and-true methods of doing upstyles.

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