Subject: You SUCK!

Dear Mr. Edwards,

I just had the misfortune of watching an awful television show about your salon in Brentwood, California. Or should I say, a television show about your awful salon? My wife was watching "Split Ends" & I stopped to watch it for a few minutes, too. What a train wreck of a show, with you as the engineer. I know most reality TV is made-up crap, but is that really you? It was painful to watch. You are an embarrassment to your business. In fact, you give the late Boyd Coddington of American Hot Rod a run for the money as the worst boss. What kind of man berates a young woman (who still lives at home with her parents) in front of clients? An ugly & arrogant bully, that's who. Has being around vacuous and superficial people skewed your view of reality and of your importance in life? And what a parade of shrews & bimbos in and out of your high-priced barber shop! They are SO important, at least in their own minds. Shallow people measure their worth according to the size of their bank accounts (& expensive hair styles), instead of the strength of their character. But keep telling yourself you are doing important work for your very "exclusive" clientele.

Why did you volunteer to do the television show if it didn't suit your fragile temperament? In the end, this show uncovered (for thousands) the nature of your character, and it's not pretty. You had an opportunity to inspire & teach a bright-eyed young woman from New York, but instead, you were nasty & disparaging. As you would say so eloquently, "you suck!"

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